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Meet our team!

Families helping families
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Being a special needs parent is hard and we're here to help lighten the load. Our Founders and Board understand the support that parents need from each other and the community.

Meet our three beautiful ladies: Ashley, Maggi and Mavis!


Ashley Spivey high-five society.webp
Ashley Spivey
Founder & CEO

Ashley has two boys with Autism. She has a history of working with individuals with developmental disabilities in both the residential and day program setting. As a teenager, Ashley would babysit kids with special needs. She also has a brother with special needs and her mother worked with children with autism. She has been around it her entire life and these individuals and their families have a very special place in her heart. Ashley has a bachelor’s degree in health and human Services and a bachelor’s degree in healthcare administration. She started her career at an entry level as a Client Support Worker (CSW) at a Community Service Board. She worked her way up the chain and eventually worked in the management role as a Developmental Disability Provider (DDP) after graduating college. Ashley also currently volunteers with Parent to Parent of GA as a supporting parent. After moving to Polk County and seeing the dire need for something fun and interactive for the special needs population, she decided to create High-Five Society.

Maggi Smith high-five society_edited.jpg
Maggi Smith
Event Coordinator

Maggi Smith is the mother of three children. Her youngest son has autism and is nonverbal. Maggi is a local business owner and has been in the business of serving others for 15 years and strives to create a better community for her children and others with special needs. Maggi serves as the Event Coordinator. She has shown dedication and passion to helping those with special needs become an active member of their community and ensure their voices are heard.

Mavis Harasyn high-five society board
Mavis Harasyn
Financial Secretary

Mavis Harasyn is a single parent to two wonderful children, Matthew (5) and Daniel (3). Following the passing of her husband in November 2020 when the boys were 20 months and 5 months old, Mavis has navigated the challenges of parenthood with resilience. Daniel, diagnosed with autism in April 2023, exudes vibrant energy, while Matthew, recently diagnosed with ADHD, is a curious and energetic child still in the diagnostic process. The journey with her sons led Mavis to discover the High-Five Society through a Facebook post. Seeking a community that understands both the challenges and joys of her situation, she attended her first High-Five event and immediately felt a sense of belonging. When approached to join the board, Mavis accepted with love and hope for the group. Bringing a background in business administration, a paralegal certification, and over 20 years of experience in nonprofits and community engagement, Mavis has worked with individuals of all abilities through education and recreation. Her passion for this work predates motherhood and has only deepened since becoming a parent. Mavis is eagerly anticipating the future and is excited to contribute to the growth and sense of community within the High-Five family.

Our Vision

The vision of High-Five Society is to create a world where individuals with special needs and their families experience a profound sense of belonging, empowerment, and opportunity. The organization envisions a society where inclusivity is embraced, and individuals of all abilities are recognized for their unique strengths and contributions. High-Five Society's ultimate goal is to establish a global community where every person, regardless of their abilities, can thrive, lead fulfilling lives, and actively participate in social and cultural experiences. Through its initiatives, advocacy, and support, High-Five Society aspires to be a driving force in realizing this vision and creating lasting positive change for individuals with special needs and their families.

Our Values

These values collectively shape the culture, programs, and initiatives of High-Five Society, guiding its efforts to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals with special needs and their families.

Inclusivity: We embrace diversity and strive to create an inclusive environment that values and respects the unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions of all individuals.

Want to get involved with High-Five Society?

We're always looking for individuals in Polk County and surrounding areas to help support families in our community who have children with special needs.

Whether you're interested in volunteering at an event, making a donation, or helping us expand our reach, we need your support!

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