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Our Programs!

Giving kids and families a space to be themselves.

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1 in every 6 children is diagnosed with a developmental disability.

Our organization offers regular opportunities for children with special needs and their families to develop and practice social skills. By joining us, you're becoming part of a supportive community that values the potential in every child.

We recently celebrated our Valentine's Day Jam!


Social Groups

High-Five Society holds monthly social events that we strive to keep free or affordable for everyone. We are the only social group in Polk County that meets regularly for our special friends and their families!


In our social groups, we encourage individual interaction so that they can experience and learn crucial peer socialization skills that they will utilize throughout life.

Countless friendships have been formed through High-Five Society’s monthly meet-ups, and now these friendships will be with these individuals for the rest of their lives and have a positive lasting effect.


Parent Support

We have had so many wonderful connections made in our parent support group! Parents can connect, share their experiences, and offer support to one another. It’s been incredibly helpful for parents to have a space where they can open up, seek advice, and exchange resources.

If any parents are looking for personal support, they can ask to be connected with a supporting parent. This one-on-one interaction can provide a more intimate and tailored experience for those who may prefer it.

High-Five Society in action!
Words from our families:

"High Five Society has been such a tremendous nonprofit and group for me and my son to have the support outside of our family and professionals. This group is filled with parents who deal with the same things that I deal with on a daily basis where I don’t feel like, I’m going crazy because nobody understands me. High Five Society has impacted my sons life because we get ideas and solutions on how to cope or better understand one another."

Lauren, Parent

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