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Get involved with High-Five Society!

At High-Five Society, we are dedicated to supporting individuals with special needs and fostering an inclusive community that celebrates diversity. Our mission is to empower these extraordinary individuals and create a safe and nurturing environment where they can thrive. We believe that every person deserves to be surrounded by genuine compassion and understanding, as well as the opportunity to participate in social events that enhance their overall well-being.

To achieve our goals, we rely on the incredible generosity and commitment of volunteers like you. We are seeking dedicated individuals who can spare their time and energy to make a lasting difference in the lives of those we serve.



We are asking for donations to support High-Five Society and help us achieve our goal to secure our monthly social group for the rest of the year and to set the awesome additional programs we have planned into place. Our goal is to raise enough funds to have more community outreach events so that everyone can get together and be around other parents who simply “get it”. Donations from our generous supporters allow us to continue hosting monthly social events for the amazing special needs population in Polk County, GA, and surrounding counties.

Make a donation:

All donations will go towards funding the following: Social groups, Birthday Club, Parent Support Group, and our Mentorship Program (coming soon!).



Event Volunteer

Volunteer opportunities at High-Five Society are varied and rewarding. We invite you to participate in our social events, where your presence will provide invaluable companionship and a sense of belonging to our participants. From engaging conversations to fun-filled activities, your involvement will help create memorable moments and build lasting connections.

Safety Volunteer

In addition to social events, we require volunteers who can assist us in ensuring the safety of our participants. By being vigilant and watching over the perimeter, you will play a crucial role in preventing elopement and maintaining a secure environment. Your watchful eyes and dedication will provide peace of mind to both our participants and their families.


Mentoring is another integral part of our nonprofit's work. We are looking for mentors who can provide guidance, encouragement, and support to individuals with special needs. Your experience, knowledge, and positive influence will help them navigate life's challenges, build self-confidence, and achieve personal growth.

Are you interested in volunteering with High-Five Society?

Special Recognition

We'd like to thank our corporate donors:


Woodmaster Supply & Sharpening

The Swafford Family

If you're interested in giving a donation as a business or corporate sponsorship, please contact us.

Words from our supporters:

"The group is amazing! A lot of the time it feels that society hides away people who have special needs. It’s so sad that it happens, and special needs students end up feeling bad about themselves because they are not treated as normal kids and people. This group is bringing these people into the light and showing the world what these kids are truly capable of. This group gives these kids a safe space to play with similar kids and build their support systems. This group brings special families together, to lift them up, support them and celebrate successes together. It’s something our community has needed for a long time."

Nytie Marie, Registered Behavior Technician

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